Author Interview with Darlene Foster

Darlene Foster, author of Amanda in Alberta, has answered some questions on writing.


What is the most exciting thing about writing?
Seeing something done to completion. It always feels like the book will never be finished as you slog along. Then one day it all comes together and you write “The End”. That is very exciting and not too dissimilar to giving birth. All the pain and frustration is forgotten when the little one, or book, appears.

What book inspired you the most?
It is difficult to name just one but if I have to pick, I guess it would be Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery. I just loved how she portrayed Anne Shirley as a spunky, caring young girl who wasn´t afraid to try new experiences. Lucy Maude Montgomery created a character everyone could love in Anne.

Do you use real life experiences for inspiration?
I use my own travels for inspiration. I don´t have mysteries to solve like Amanda, but I always enjoy learning about the places I visit. In Amanda in Alberta: The Writing on the Stone, I did use some of my experiences growing up in the Canadian prairies. For instance, my aunt and I collected interesting stones we found in the badlands.

Favorite line you’ve written?
From Amanda in Alberta:The Writing on the Stone – “Besides,I promised Gord I would look after you girls, and a man´s word is a man´s word.” This is something my dad would have said!

Who is the person who helped you the most in your writing?
My long time friend, Sheila MacArthur, has been incredibly supportive and helpful. She has inspired me, driven me around to sites in my books and is part of my editing team. She finds many little things I miss. I also belong to a critique group of four writers who have been extremely helpful in my writing.

You can learn more about Darlene and her books on her blog Darlene Foster


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