Author Interview with Kathryn Starke

Today I am interviewing Kathryn Starke, Author of Amy’s Travels.

What is the most exciting thing about writing?
To me, the most exciting thing about writing is being able to tell a story that connects with people on a level that they feel related to the characters, setting, and/or plot.

What book inspired you the most?
I’m an avid reader, so I can say that I’m most inspired by children’s literature, women’s fiction, and biographies. I love The Berenstein Bears, Judy Blume, and Emily Giffin to represent my childhood, middle grade, and adult reading choices.

Do you use real life experiences for inspiration?
Yes, definitely. Even though I write fiction, it is usually loosely based on people or themes that have affected my life in some capacity.

Favorite line you’ve written?
I love to end my children’s books with questions to engage the reader in comprehension and conversation. At the end of Amy’s Travels, I wrote, “so what continent do you want to visit first?”

Who is the person who helped you the most in your writing?
I’d say that my journalism teacher in high school and English professors in college pushed me the most to improve my writing. I have sisters who are also very thorough editors.

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