Book Review: Amanda in Alberta

“Where do you meet the people coming from England?” asked Amanda Ross.
“That would be over there at the international arrivals. Are you here to meet a friend?”
“I sure am. Her name is Leah, and she is my BFF coming all the way from England to visit me here in Calgary.”
From Amanda in Alberta, the Writing on the Stone

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Amanda Ross is excited to have her best friend Leah visit her home for a few weeks. She has all kinds of fun planned for them to do together. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize she’s about to get pulled into a dangerous adventure when she finds a stone with strange markings on it.

What I liked
This was one of the best Children’s adventure books I’ve read in a while. Although geared toward younger readers, maybe seven to nine and up, it was well written and had delightful characters.
First of all the plot was tight and flowed. There was enough excitement to even keep me interested and would have been the kind of book I’d have loved as a kid. The plot wasn’t written down to readers and also didn’t feel impossible. The whole thing was believable, even Amanda and Leah’s encounter with the main antagonist didn’t feel far fetched. Unlike other adventure books for kids I’ve read, Amanda’s parents didn’t let their nine-year-old daughter run off on her own and assume she’d be safe. They were always nearby. The only time she was alone was when she sneaked away at the end.
All of the characters I loved, even the side characters who weren’t in the story as much. There was enough left out about them that the reader is never sure who is really trying to steal the stone until the very end. Sometimes I didn’t know who to trust. Amanda herself was a fun character. She was an inquisitive girl who wanted to do the right thing even when she didn’t know what that might be.
The mystery aspect of the story I simply loved. I’ve found in younger children’s books that the mystery isn’t really there at all and the answer can be seen from chapter one. This one revealed very little until the end.

What I disliked
I didn’t find anything to dislike. I even loved Amanda’s relationship with her parents, which is rare in a lot of books I read.

Overall thoughts
This book is perfect for younger readers who want an exciting adventure story. It also can be used to teach about other countries. I found myself learning things about Canada as I read. I would highly recommend it and I have plans to read the first three books in the series.

You can learn more about the author and her books on her blog, Darlene Foster

Her book can be found on Book Club Reading List


  1. Thank you so much for featuring Amanda and her adventure in Alberta! I´m pleased you enjoyed it.

  2. Great review!

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