Book Review: Amy’s Travels

“So, what continent will you visit first?” from Amy’s Travels


Young Amy gives readers a look at the many continents she has lived on and shares things she has learned about each place.

What I Liked

As someone who works with kids and is a nanny, I found a lot to love about this little book. It is the kind of book I’d love to have around to read to kids I watch.

The pictures in it are delightful. They have the feel that they were drawn by a little kid, and they’re very childlike and fun to look at. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

The way the story is written would easily draw the interests of younger readers. It will keep their attention and the way things are described in the books will make learning about different countries fun. The book feels as if it is being told by a little girl especially for kids her own age. It doesn’t talk down to them, but can pull them into the places Amy has visited and traveled to.

I also found it easy for me to read. I’m sure many adults who work with kids know there are some books they can only read so many times without begging for the kids to pick a new one. This one I enjoyed reading which is only an added plus for me.

What I disliked
I found nothing to dislike. I liked every part of it.

Overall thoughts

This is one I think should be in every little kid’s library. And I play to take it with me when I babysit and nanny next.

Her book can be found on Book Club Reading List

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